Google Analytics Privacy Policy

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Make sure you keep up to date with the legal aspect of your business & FCC policies.

This is Google’s requirement:

Google's Analytics Privacy Requirement

Google’s Requirement for Google Analytics 2015

Don’t take this part of your business lightly. This is not the area to skimp or think generic is okay.

I was a paralegal for a bit, and I can tell you, the more specific the legal language, the more protection you have.

Most legal policies (LegalZoom) have very generic language. This will not be in your favor in a court. If there is any vagueness or guessing on the reader’s part, they have the advantage. So consider taking my recommendation below.

The company I’ve been using for all my legal policies is Orion Systems. They use attorneys who specialize in internet law to draft their legal documents for all things internet.

They stay very on top of any changes, instantly notify you when there is, and provide the updates accordingly. All updates are free.

They also have a large selection of business and general legal forms (contracts, consulting agreements, etc.)

Their customer service is great, very personalized! And their prices are really low!

Check them out:  Tell James I sent you.


Disclaimer: I have been using Orion Systems for over a year now. I recently became an affiliate for them. If you click on the links above, I could earn a commission.