Oozing Excellence

This was one of the emails that @GaryRyanBlair sent out in 2013 from his 100 Day Challenge program.

I kept this email because I loved it.

It’s simple, nothing deeply profound, yet it’s powerful!

Kind of a reminder of what your life/business should be about. :)

Gary’s 100 Day Challenge is something I highly encourage you all to take on!

I guarantee he will impact you in some way, and it will change how you approach many things in your business and life.

You still have lots of time to make the rest of 2015 vastly different.

Gary’s next 100DayChallenge starts July 1st.

100 Days from Now - 100 Day Challenge

Since he only offers this 4 times a year, if July doesn’t work for you because you are vacationing, still get on his list so you can be notified when he does the next one. You can get on the list here: 100DayChallengeList

Now here’s that great email Gary wrote in 2013 (below). This is just a small sample of how you can instantly & massively benefit from hearing/reading what Gary has to say!

Source: I learned about the 100DayChallenge & Gary Ryan Blair in the Fall of 2013 from one of @lynnterry ‘s blogposts, as she does this challenge often. So thank you @lynnterry, for always sharing so much of what you do. :)
And a huge thank you to @GaryRyanBlair  for this incredible program, and everything else you teach. Your thought process and approach to life/business got me to raise my standards even higher, and overall, made such an impact! :)

Gary’s Email: Oozing Excellence

“Excellence begins as a decision – one where you look at your life,
business, and relationships and decide that everything you touch is
going to better, that the example you set is going to be inspiring,
that the performance bar is going to be raised higher, and that the
legacy you leave will be memorable and long-lasting.

Excellence is not situational, however it must become the standard
by which you manage and measure every situation.


Surround yourself with excellent people.

Deliver excellent customer service.

Engage in excellent conversation.

Get in excellent physical shape.

Go on excellent vacations.

Set an excellent example.

Drive excellent cars.

Drink excellent coffee.

Read excellent books.

Wear excellent clothing.

Buy excellent jewelery.

Create excellent projects.

Be an excellent parent.

Raise excellent children.

Display excellent manners.

Think excellent thoughts.

Listen to excellent music.

Use excellent words.

You deserve to live a life of excellence!”

– Gary Ryan Blair, November 21, 2013

Goals Guy Learning Systems Inc, 36181 East Lake Road, Suite 139, Palm Harbor, FL 34685, USA

1. Start following @garyryanblair Don’t wait until July to start making a massive shift in how you think & approach life/business!

2. Start incorporating the words “excellence” & “excellent” in your vocabulary. You change how you think much faster, when you change your vocabulary (what you say)

Note: I have a list of power words I write for each year. Excellence is one of them. I read this list often, & strive to include these words when I talk to others/teach, or to remind me to raise my own standards.  Consider doing this. :)

3. Share this blogpost with others in your professional and personal networks so they can improve their life or business by learning from Gary.  Just hit any of those icons below. :) You can all ooze excellence together :)

Once you’ve done all that :)….

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2. Let me know how Gary has impacted you, as you learn from him through social media, etc. Hit me up on social media anytime to share the great changes in your life/business :) Jaxi’s FBFanPage

And, let me know if I can help you achieve excellence in your life or business in any way. :) I’d be glad to help!

Be excellent today!
Jaxi :)

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Gary’s company. I am also a customer, so I stand behind his stuff.  If you click on any of the 100DayChallenge links, and join, I could earn a commission from it, and anything else you purchase from Gary’s company.