Video: Turn Your Leads Into Conversions & More!

The other day I posted about Jeff’s free training series on getting traffic to your website & list building methods. It’s a 3 part video training, but I only emphasized what Video #3 was about.

If you haven’t taken a look at this yet – you should!

Video #2 is all about how to turn your leads into conversions.

No fluff. No theory. Scrutinly tested, proven methods that get Jeff results consistently.

Plus, Jeff also shares with you several of his proven opt-in pages that have consistently produced between 64% & 68%. He lets you borrow the same layout for your own landing pages.

Jeff not only teaches you all this unbelievable info, but he also offers a ‘double your sales’ tip! Go to 12 minutes & 40 seconds of Video #2

The PDF that he includes in this training is his “Lead Funnel Cheat Sheet” for you to download.

Jeff packs so much in his free trainings – tons of details, not generalities.  It’s like having him by your computer when you go to do this stuff! I know, I have gone through these! :)

So unless you are an expert on this stuff, or unless you don’t need one more tip on how to do what you are doing (or what you should be doing), why wouldn’t you watch these videos and get the free downloads??

Go here to start watching Video #2 right now!

Consider this your holiday gift from me! :)

Jaxi :)
ps: Jeff’s PDF sheets come in handy if you forget what he said in the video training cause he talks sort of fast :)

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Note: I am an affiliate for Jeff Johnson, but also a customer. I stand behind Jeff, that is why I promote his free and paid stuff. I am not an affiliate for everyone, so there is a reason I choose certain people and products. Because they over-deliver, provide actionable, valuable info, and are 100% ethical and authentic. The links above are affiliate links so if you buy something from Jeff, I could make a commission off of it. But you don’t have to buy anything to get these 3 video trainings & PDFs. They are free. Get them here: