Monthly Archives: October 2011

What does a Sensational Life look like?

I’d first like to mention that your overarching feeling is elation – an energetic, happy, yet peacefully calm feeling that carries you through your every day 🙂

Now, here are just some of the aspects of what having a sensational life is all about:

being truly being present in the moments in your life
being radiant and really alive inside
taking that radiance and powerful good-natured internal energy and bringing that into your daily conversations and interactions with others
having the health and vitality to pursue whatever you choose
remaining curious and seeking to learn more
not wanting the existing day to end because you enjoy so much in your life
being excited to start a new day
loving you and believing in yourself
loving what you do
being genuinely happy
are always surrounded by amazing people
and passionately living your life because all of this is a part of your every day, because you are pursuing goals and dreams, and you are immersed in something bigger than yourself (personal mission).

This is quite different than how most live their life:

on autopilot
not pursuing their dreams
overweight or unhealthy
surrounded by negativity
have toxic people in their lives
lack passion
not being really engaged in their conversations or interactions with others
lack curiosity or a desire to learn and grow
not loving what you do
lacking goals or a personal mission

Which one would you rather be creating and experiencing on a daily basis?

Living a Sensational Life is the only way to go!

Do you have a sensational life? Are you building one? Share with me in the comments below. I’d love to know and help you if I can.