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You May Not Like Him, But He Is A Leader

You don’t have to be into politics or even be in his party to recognize the leadership Newt Gingrich displays in his campaign strategy.

Newt Gingrich announcing in May his decision to run for 2012 President of the U.S.

Newt Gingrich announces his run for President 2012


He did completely opposite what every campaigner has always done, and to this day, was still doing in their 2011-2012 presidential campaign strategy.

He removed himself from the status quo of Washington ways and he carved a different path for himself.

He chose to run his campaign on positiveness.

He focused on what he offered as positive and didn’t spend his time focusing on the negative of his competition.

By doing this, he also elevated himself above the other candidates.

He didn’t get involved in the petty back and forth negative attacks that occur often in campaigns amongst the candidates. He didn’t spend his precious time defending himself. He just moved forward with his positive message.

I give him 100% credit for this and stand behind him in this strategy

We are all begging for change in Washington. We are all begging for the existing infrastructure to be shattered and rebuilt on a more positive and productive foundation.

And Newt was the only one to recognize this. Recognize the crucial timing and importance of being positive. Gingrich was the only one with the balls to implement this instantly.

Gingrich didn’t bother to tell you he’d ‘change Washington to be more positive’. He understood you have heard that so many times, only to see no change at all. So he just showed you instead. He exemplified a taste of what D.C. could really be about.

Newt showed you the type of person he was. Showed you the character of the man you would be possibly electing President.

Newt exemplified the hope leaders often need to instill in society when methods/strategies are intensely & corruptly entrenched.

Newt showed you the difference one man can make, a man who wants to change Washington as badly as you want it to change.

Even moreso, Gingrich gave you the change even before you possibly elected him!

Newt knew this positive message was more important than his winning the election. With 10 years of nothing but negative and things getting worse, he new this was crucial.

He also knew this might not work. It was an absolute gamble. He expected the backlash and the critics. But he stuck to his guns on this and he never waivered, not once – despite the intense pressure and negative adds against him. He instinctively knew this was the right way to do this. It was the only way comfortable for him. That is why he got rid of his 1st staff, who had traditional plans for him.

He broke the mold by campaigning differently. He made history just by doing this.

Actions speak louder than words – and no place more so than in D.C. politics.

Newt showed others you can be positive focused and run a successful presidential campaign in the USA and still do very well.

He gave you the glimpse of hope and he gave you a taste of what D.C. could really be about.

He showed you it’s in reachable distance. It’s not just rhetoric, it can happen and he was making it happen.

Gingrich came from the bottom and soared to the top. And he was soaring for a while. All this from a positive focused campaign. I’d say great strides were absolutely achieved already!

Yes, he has taken a hit. But even when the hit came and has now stayed for a bit, he has refused to change his positive strategy.

Gingrich did what all leaders do. He didn’t let others dictate his choices.

Newt didn’t give into the pressure.  He stuck to his values, his ethics, his core beliefs and his vision of what his campaign was going to be about and the principles he wanted to run it off of. He believed wholeheartedly in what he was doing and wholeheartedly in a positive D.C. and he wasn’t giving up on either.

He showed us that despite what society tells you or the majority consistently insists you do,  you don’t have to do what they say.

You can still get ahead – and succeed –  by doing things your own way. By distinguishing yourself from everyone else. By leading from a different place and a different frame of mind.

In this case, I would say it was absolutely the right way. I will side with most anything positive and I thought it took courage and boldness for Newt to campaign this way. It was incredibly refreshing!

Other future campaigners could learn a lot from this.

In the meantime, you could learn a from Gingrich’s leadership. (The bullet list is below to sum it up. )

You just have to have the boldness for it, the fueled vision, and the conviction and discipline not to sway when the pressure gets high.

This is what a true leader does. And Newt Gingrich exemplifies leadership spectacularly.

18 Leadership Lessons from Gingrich Presidential Campaign

  • Leaders remove themselves from the status quo and they do things differently.
  • Leaders carve a different path for themselves, even when they know before they start on their journey, it will not be easy to stay on that path.
  • Leaders don’t pay attention to the naysayers, they just stay focused on themselves and what they want to accomplish. They know plenty of naysayers and challengers will come, and they are prepared with the fundamentals: their belief in themselves and what they are setting out to do.
  • Leaders refuse to give up on their idea or themself. They know others are desperate for what they are pursuing.
  • Leaders never follow, they always make their own way and encourage others to join them.
  • Leaders break the mold. Their intense desire and drive for change makes that happen.
  • Leaders don’t just talk. They act. They are (or become) the change they want to see.
  • Leaders never wait for ‘the perfect timing’. They just immediately dive in and show by their actions what they 100% believe in. And they trust in that.
  • Leaders don’t give into peer pressure or society pressure. They never let others dictate their choices. They refuse all entrenched ways.
  • Leaders expose, they don’t join in.
  • Leaders champion transparency.
  • Leaders create new or improve. This can only be done through positiveness. Nothing great was ever produced from negativism. No real change came through negativity. Something negative could have sparked the leader’s idea – but a leader is always positive minded and leads with a positive focus, positive energy, and a positive message.
  • Leaders break rules – usually more than one along their pursuit – because it’s necessary to change the rules if you want real change.
  • Leaders recognize for any real change to occur, ideas need to be tested and traditional norms need to be shattered.
  • Leaders don’t get in the practice of leading to go backward. Leaders lead to go forward. You can’t combine the old with the new, you will never achieve the truest results or impact that you could.
  • Leaders know their mission is bigger than themselves. They have no ego behind the mission. It is purely for absolute change or betterment.
  • Leaders recognize they might have to step aside for that mission or goal to be achieved.
  • Leaders recognize that what they are attempting to accomplish or champion is a gamble -but it is worth it – because their ideal/their mission is more important than personally achieving something out of it themselves materialistically or professionally or financially.


ps: I am not personally supporting Gingrich in the 2012 election, but as an entrepreneur and someone who helps develop leaders, I can professionally recognize someone’s strengths and display them to the world, even if I disagree with them.