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What’s Your Daily Contribution?

Special Valentines Message 2012

What are you contributing?

Often times throughout a week I catch myself before I contribute to a conversation, or even before I say something to myself.

I stop myself before I type it or say it because I realize what I would be contributing, is not helping the situation, conversation, topic, point, etc.

It would not help it because it would be negative.

In fact, it would be worthless or pointless to even verbalize it.

It certainly wouldn’t be advancing the point or conversation.

So why waist my time & energy or the time of others?

Why bring negativity into a conversation, the atmosphere of the scene, or even create it around the topic?

I do this with myself too.

If I am about to think or say something negative to myself or others about me or my business, I do my best to catch myself and just not verbalize it or write it down or I instantly stop myself from thinking about it. I am not 100% on this by any means – but I put strong effort in this attempt πŸ™‚

If you all know me, it is QUITE rare I say anything negative at all – let alone for just the mere point of saying something negative out of frustration or anger.

But the twist on this is that ‘negative’ can even mean presenting the truth on something.

Fo ex: as an investigator, your job is essentially to go out and find all the negatives – well, it’s not what you set out for, but it’s usually what ya end up finding (amazing I did this for so long) πŸ™‚ But, the negatives were the truth, so they needed to be stated.

For the best typical example – this same twist can easily be related to politics – (ex: presidential campaigns). So there are times when it is truly hard to escape this, but I do my best.

So I ask all you: “what are you contributing throughout a day?”

What are you contributing in all your conversations (conversations with yourself are included ) πŸ™‚

In all your interactions with others -no matter how quick they are or how long they are.

Are your words helpful? Encouraging, inspiring, thought provoking? Are you educating anyone? Are they filled with positive energy, are you raising people up or are you bringing them down?Β (Parents – this includes you when you yell at a child. Is there another way you can communicate your point or message to them so they learn, but you lift them up at the same time?)

Bare bones: Are you contributing any VALUE to some conversation?

The best way to determine this: if I didn’t say this, would it really matter 5 minutes from now?

Very stereotypical examples: Blowing off steam is not value. And screaming doesn’t make your negative point any better.

Many people aren’t aware throughout a day how many times we say something that didn’t do much for the conversation or because we wanted to be heard – because we think what we have to say is so great – when all it did was bring negativity into a convo, or make you look stupid, or keep more thoughts of yuk going with yourself.

I am guilty of this myself as I mentioned, (especially me with politics πŸ™‚ but I really make a conscious effort not to be with others and with myself.

Note: I think social media (this includes blogs) is a haven for this. I think if anything, it has expedited it some due to the autonomy you can have on the internet if you choose.

I challenge you all to be more conscious of what you contribute to your conversations for the rest of 2012. (again, this includes with yourself πŸ™‚

Take note how your personal and professional life alters any.

You will definitely increase your self discipline and grow as an individual! Because it takes A LOT of effort to be silent when you really want to say something! We all know πŸ™‚ And it takes a lot of effort to be consistent with this daily – especially with yourself.

But I can promise you…

If you do this, you will feel proud, you will have reached a new level of maturity, and will come to realize that you will come out way better at the end of each day for doing so!

Remember: Like breeds like.

Negativity breeds negativity – you will just bring more of this into your life.

Positivity breeds positivity – and that absolutely is something worth working for!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts – results!

Happy Valentines Day – perhaps this will create stronger relationships!