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A Fun But Crucial Part to Pursuing Any Goal

Some individuals believe you have to create a massive goal and pursue it in order for them to see or experience any change in their life.

But that is not the case at all.

Big goals are great, so absolutely pursue them.

But it’s the smaller goals that are truly the change agents in people’s lives that lead to different results.

Every Little Bit Counts!


Why The Little Things Matter

One of the reasons is because a key component to achieving goals is the progress you make as you pursue that goal.

And, the best part is progress can be something very small. 🙂

Progress doesn’t need to be a big thing or some grandiose number to be considered advancement.

For example: if your goal is to exercise more, just going 5 or 10 more seconds, or 1/2 minute more, or 1 more minute is progress. Don’t belittle this.

It might sound or seem insignificant, but when you go 5 -10 more seconds each day, you sooner or later go minutes more. Same if you go 1 more minute each day, you soon will be approaching an extra 10, 15 minutes, etc. You get the idea.

Another Plus

Progress is powerful for keeping you motivated as you pursue your goals.

In the beginning, the 10 seconds or 1 minute might not make the biggest difference in terms of what you want to achieve with your exercise goal, but you will feel proud of yourself.

You will feel proud of yourself because you:
1. Stuck to your commitment of challenging yourself past your comfort level (this is usually needed to pursue any goal that is of real value)
2. You pushed yourself to do this

So yes, feeling proud is part of the pursuit of goal achievement.🙂

In fact, feeling proud is equally important in pursuing your goals. Goals boost your confidence and let you discover what you are made of. 🙂

You are never the same person after you have accomplished a goal.

Tony Robbins says: “progress equals growth”.

Very true. You can’t pursue any goal without growing.

Progress Tips

Progress is a crucial component of pursuing any goal and having a much higher advantage of achieving it.

Pursue progress with just as much concentration, determination, stick-to-it-iveness, passion and energy as you do with every other part of going after your goal, and you will see the incredible change or the results you are looking for!

Get Going With Your Progress!

Just pick a goal, or create a new one, and start having a blast with progress! 🙂

I would love to hear your thoughts on this or any new results you have now that you are pursuing progress just as much as your main goal 🙂 Leave any comments below or head over to my facebook fan page and leave them there. And, if you thought this was valuable, please share it with others.  The more people achieving their goals, the better!

ps: This is also why it is always helpful if you have for any lofty or big goal, to break it down into chunks of smaller goals. It makes it more doable, and you stay excited and motivated along the way as your little progresses add up to small achievements, which add up to your goal achieved, or get you closer to your bigger goal. 🙂