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6 Tips For Optimizing Your Website for Google

Note: This is Part 2 of the 2 Part Series on search engines. The 1st Part: Don’t Pay For Search Engine Submission offered 2 reasons why you should do this yourself. This post focuses on SEO. I provide some of the best ways to optimize your website for Google.

There are numerous ways to optimize your site for Google (still the #1 search engine online). I will be sharing six of the most important, fundamental ones.

Google logo

#1 Search Engine

1. The best way is to make sure your site caters to humans. In other words, it is not falsely optimized. Don’t write your content for the search engines. Design your site and write your content for people. Google can tell if you are just trying for ranking, or if your site is authentically information and linked filled to help people who land on it.

Remember, Google and the search engines are in the business of producing the best results to you when you type in a search. They aren’t going to give a page a high ranking that is forcefully loaded with keywords, but essentially sucks in content.

2. Also, keep in mind, Google loves new content so stay on top of producing it.

3. Google also likes incoming links. You will rank higher if you have these. This has been my new action plan for my website.
-Use social media to start boosting your incoming links
-Get bold and search other industry related sites.  Contact the owners and see if you can do some link sharing (do your due dilligence on these companies/sites and make sure they either have a good following or are already ranking high or at least decently in Google. No point linking to a low ranking site, as the point of linking is to help you rank higher).

4. For articles, Google likes at least 500 words. Not sure what their preference is for blog posts, but I know they favor articles with 500 words or more.

5.Don’t forget to add some youtube videos on your site (Google owns YouTube). Even if it is training videos via keynote/powerpoint and you talking. Have at least one video on your site. I will soon be doing this myself.

6. If you aren’t yet active on Google+, get active on it! I recently started to do this.

In the beginning when they first launched Google+ I didn’t see the importance of it other then them competing with Facebook. And I wasn’t interested in adding yet another social media thing to do, or have two places with essentially the same people and info on it. I thought it was redundant and I thought Google+ would flop. I wasn’t alone in this thought, many of my peers ignored it too.

But I am fine to admit: I was wrong.  Lately, there has been more talk about Google+ not going away and it actively using it in it’s search engine rankings.

Just this past May, at Yanik Silver’s Underground Conference in Washington, D.C. Google+ was discussed and reinforced, according to the attendees there. If you think about it, it does make sense.

So just grab a Google+ account if you don’t have one or if you do, make sure your profile is up to date, and start using it. Get a Google+ button on your blog posts, on your website, etc.  The trade off could pay hansomely: not a lot of time, for a higher ranking in Google.
*Tip: Do some searches on how to best use Google+ for a business. Some people have written some helpful articles on it.