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Don’t Pay For Search Engine Submission

There are some companies that develop websites that also offer monthly search engine submission to all the major search engines.

Names of all the Search Engines

Major Search Engines

While this service sounds great, it is not necessary for you to pay for them to do this.

Here is why:

1. You can do this on your own.
– All they are doing is going into a few websites and typing in your url. No reason you can’t do this on your own. It only takes a few minutes of your time.
– The fees they charge are usually about $30-$50/month, so I can’t imagine anyone being that busy to justify paying this fee each month to do something so simple and which takes less than 3-5 minutes if you have the website submission pages bookmarked.

Tip in website search engine submission:
In the beginning when your website first goes live, it is a good idea to submit your website to the search engines every time you add new content, for about the first 6  months. Then you can just do this on a monthly basis for the rest of the 1st year your site launched.

There really isn’t any reason to do this monthly after the 1st year because by now your site should be SEO optimized, be content rich and have a good balance of outgoing and incoming links, so it will naturally get picked up by the search engines. Even if you stay on top of SEO, I would say at most, submit your site once a quarter after that first year and that should be sufficient.

2. This forces you to stay on top of optimizing your site.
If you are the one responsible for submitting your site to the search engines, you will be more apt to take a look over your site more often and optimize it as much as possible before you submit it. There is no point in submitting your website to the search engines if it is not search engine optimized.

So, if you want to spend your money on anything, then pay for someone to help you optimize your site. That would be investing your money more wisely in your business.

But don’t just hire a company and have them do it for you. That will make you 100% dependent on them. You should want to learn about this more so you can determine if later you want to master this task yourself. Being an entrepreneur is about professional growth and the skills you learn as you run your business. So, have them show you what they do and have them explain why they are doing it.

Soon you can stop paying them and do it all on your own once you understand more about search engine optimization. 🙂

This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Series I will be doing on the topic of search engines. In the next blog post, I will provide the 6 fundamentals for optimizing your website for Google.  This will give you a solid start. It will be the core of what you will continually want to do/build on over the years to improve your ranking status  in Google.

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