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UPS Does This – Do You?

UPS truck

Did you know UPS has their drivers make more right turns than left turns?

I was fascinated when I learned this. But their reasoning makes sense:

Left turns
1. take too much time (waisting time)
2. consume gas (idle waiting)
3. are more likely to cause accidents (safety issue)

This might not seem so significant if you are thinking of one truck, but if you think of their massive fleet, it is significant in liability savings, cost savings and being most efficient with time.

So let’s take this to your business…

What can you rearrange in your business or do differently that will save you time or money, or both?

Even if the thing is small, don’t discredit it’s power.

Step #1:
Evaluate your business by looking for the little things.

It’s the little things you do each day that over time (a quarter, a year) could accumulate to large savings, in terms of time and/or money.

Step #2:
Ask these types of questions:
where can I tweak?”
“How can I tweak?”
“Where do I touch the same paper more than once or twice” (inefficiency)
“What is such an obvious time waster, I am refusing to change it out of bad habit?”

Here are 5 examples to get you thinking not just on time and cost, but on productivity and maximizing human potential:

Ex#1: If you always do one thing first, would it possibly be more productive to do it later? 

I use to read email first. Now I don’t read email until I’ve accomplished one or two things (or at least till midday). Email does not make you productive. Email is just a part of life and business nowadays. I am much more productive now.

Ex#2: Could you have better brainstorming sessions (by yourself or with others) earlier in the day? Some of us are at our ‘prime’ certain times of the day. Take advantage of your innateness. This is your edge to being a sharp business professional & maximizing your greatness. How about later in the day? This might be best because you have accomplished some tasks so your mind is more free. Experiment with this.

Ex#3: If you are in an office space, do you spend a lot of time going back and forth to people’s cubicles to interact with them? Use video chat or skype. Not all the time, as you don’t want to be ridiculously inpersonal, but play with it and see where you pick up a few minutes or seconds. This might sound a bit extreme, but seconds and minutes add up to hours and weeks. 

Ex#4: If you always drive or walk to work the same way, re-arrange your route. But don’t just rearrange your route. Pay attention to your surroundings.

What you see, smell, hear, or experience on the way might spark your creative mind and help you to think of a new topic you want to share with your fanbase or clients. Or it might inspire a new service/product you want to bring to the marketplace.

Ex#4a If you work out of your home, don’t start work immediately. Go out and take a quick walk. Get out of your surroundings for a bit, or start your work in a different room. Changing things up keeps you from being on autopilot – a dangerous place for entrepreneurs. 

Ex#5: Do you always have coffee before you start work? Have green tea, white tea, fresh squeezed orange juice, a protein shake, or water. Or go all out and take a spirulina pill 🙂

All these have energy producing qualities and aren’t as toxic as coffee. What you put into your body effects your energy and your brain power. You might be surprised what you think about, or notice in your business you never did before because you weren’t as sharp.

If you are going to test these things out, jot notes down to see if there are any measurable results. Do it for at least a week, if not more. Remember, if its a small thing, you might not realize the significant difference in your business or your work-product until a decent amount of time has passed.

Action To Take
Give it a go!

You have nothing to loose – and a ton to gain!

If you see no difference, then you can always go back to doing what you always did. 😉 At least you were willing to step out of your comfort zone and you took a fresh look at your business. Which is really still gaining anyway. 🙂

Final Request
Head over to my fanpage and share in the comments section what you discovered and changed in your business or yourself.  Help others get ideas of where they can streamline as well, or just inspire them.  I can’t wait to hear what you all do!