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How Are You Going to Get There

I am one of those who encourages individuals to maximize their potential.

You either love us or you hate us, I know. 🙂

But as a former life coach, I just can’t help it.

My previous coaching business, Improve Your Life, Inc.  used the tagline: Power Your Potential ~Live The Results.

That’s how big I was on potential, because I was fully aware how much it could constantly transform yourself or your life over the years.

I can also recognize the difference between someone who isn’t using all their potential, and someone who is.

I can recognize it in their words, in their actions, in their relationships, in their life, etc.

And gosh, sometimes I just want to tell some people ‘hey, you aren’t even touching your full potential’. If you could only see what I see.  Just wake them up! 🙂

But I am aware, some don’t even think about their potential, and even if some do, many do not know how to do this, without hiring a life coach.

They might not know how to reach their full potential.

But instead of me explaining how you can do this, I’d rather approach potential in this way today:

How are you going to get there?

How are you going to maximize your potential?

How are you going to bring out all that is innately in you – out into the world and let it shine.

People who are using their full potential, or at least a lot of it, radiate.

They radiate enthusiasm, energy, happiness, they are in a peaceful state almost always, and they are boldly yet humbly confident because they are using all their God given talents. Life just ‘feels’ right.
Let’s get you some of all that 🙂 

In life, it helps if we have some sort of  plan to live out a great life.

In business, we need a strategy to be successful.

So why not go about tackling your potential the same way?

In order to be successful in reaching your potential, I suggest you create a strategy for achieving it.

If you don’t, it will be just a haphazzard or on occasion when you feel like it.

Potential doesn’t happen overnight.

Like mastery, pursuing your greatest potential is an ongoing, evolving aspect of you that you have to proactively work on.

Yep, reaching your fullest potential requires work. It requires action and self reflection.

So to best make sure you are tapping into your potential often, or are challenging yourself to see where it can shine, you should create a plan on how you incorporate this into your life.

The double bonus to this, is if you create the plan, the strategy – the ‘how do you do this’ gets automatically solved.

For example, you are at xx level of your potential. I can guarantee you, it’s not anywhere maxed out.

Start putting together a framework/a schedule from which you can start upping it more each month, or each quarter or or each year.

Set a Potential Strategy.

Simply put, your potential is achieved when you challenge yourself, when you remain in constant improvement mode, and you are willing to be open minded enough to explore and test new areas (even if you choose not to stay with them) to see what it brings out in you.

A very basic strategy could look like this:
1x-2x a week: incorporate reading something you normally wouldn’t.

– This could be a different topic or this could be a different type of literature you read.  If you only read blogs, start reading white papers . If you only read newspapers, start reading blogs.

– Or delve into a new topic that you are somewhat curious about but never gave time to. If you are online, start clicking on links you normally wouldn’t and see where it takes you.

1x a day: pick something you want to improve on that day.
It could be the smallest thing or the biggest thing.

Don’t have the day end until you have delved into it in someway.

Even if you don’t think you improved, if you at least touched on that area or that topic, you are getting closer to improving it just by working on it or practicing it.

Improvement leads to more untapped potential being recognized. 🙂

1x a month:  volunteer your time/information somewhere.

1 weekend/month:  do nothing you normally do.
ex: Go someplace new. Spend time with different people or spend time completely alone. Try a new sport/hobby, etc.

This strategy/plan now has you doing something daily, doing something once or twice a week, has you doing something one weekend out of every month, and has you doing something monthly.

If you just do this, I guarantee you will start to realize more of your potential.

You might not see it yourself, but others might. Or you just might.:)

You might discover something you excel at. You might find something that is easier than you thought. You might realize you can do something you never would have imagined doing prior to your pursuit of maximizing your potential.

It’s really endless what happens when you unleash your potential to be all it can be 🙂

Again, that was a very basic strategy. You can get more detailed with it if you want. But as you can see, if you write down what you will do, you will begin to discover what your potential is capable of.


Because you are involved in multiple different disciplines each week and month.

So you don’t waist time trying to figure out ‘how’ you reach your potential. You just focus on taking action to reach it!

In order to do that, you just need to take different action steps and pursue different things than you are today.

A strategic plan is just something you commit yourself to. It’s a schedule to make sure things get included in your days/weeks/months. If you write things down, they are more likely to happen.

So don’t think your Potential Strategy has to be anything elaborate. But it should be done because otherwise, you will end up forgetting about challenging your potential to reach it’s ultimate level.

Remember, you don’t achieve your potential on occasion. It’s a purposeful, action-oriented, self reflection endeavor you pursue all the time.

Keep a notebook or journal on this. Right down the things you are doing in your Potential Strategy and when you are done engaging in the actions/activities, write about it or jot down how you felt doing it, and even how you felt afterwards, how it impacts your relationships, how it impacts your day/week, etc. Just write down everything.

By writing about it, you are reflecting on it and will be able to see where more of your potential might be. Every now and again, go back and read what you wrote. When you re-read it, how do you feel? Are you still thinking the same things, or do you have a different thought or feeling now? Note these differences or similarities, as they are indicators of your potential.

Let me know when you are radiating. 🙂 Take a picture and post it on my FBFanpage and share some of your experiences of pursuing your potential.  Remember, this is an ongoing life pursuit, so have fun with it!