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Make this company your benchmark – for everything!

I am relocating back to Southern CA and was doing an internet search for real estate companies in the OC area.

Seven Gables came up.

Now they deal with luxury homes (nope, not for me…..yet :)) but I was curious about them, so opened up their site and quickly clicked on the About tab.

After reading that page, I was so impressed, I reached out to them to let them know. No joke.

Folks, pay attention:

THIS is an exceptional example of what companies should strive for in their standards.

THIS is also a fabulous example of an About Us page – they highlighted their differentiation points.

But they didn’t just mention their differentiation points, they essentially squashed their competition in seconds with mere words.

And you know there is absolute truth to those words. This company doesn’t fluff around.

Are you in business or do you have a business?

Anyone can have a business.

The question is, are you really in business?

Are you playing hardball, staying on top of everything, being lightyears ahead of your competition, all while constantly asking yourself ‘what else’ in terms of providing value, quality, displaying 24/7 professionalism and constantly raising the bar so you remain the thought leader in your industry? And then on top of that, are you simultaneously offering and delivering a dynamic and dynamite constant WOW customer experience?

If you can’t say yes to all the above, then get started on each question and don’t stop until you can say yes to each one

Note: of course there are tons more questions I could ask along those lines about your business, but those should qualify you as being ‘in’ business – enough to keep you open and doing well.

Am I The Only One?
Is it just me, or do you barely read anything like this (see below) or experience this kind of professionalism anymore?

When I see this kind of professionalism, and a standard of excellence so deep rooted and so high – no one can touch them, it jumps out at me.


Because the internet has created a platform that has allowed for the downgrading of everything ‘business professional’ and it disgusts me, so I have been on a mission to change that.

So this stuff always jumps out at me, simply because its rare.

Go read this:

Then please,  be rare!

Action Steps

1. Differentiate yourself even more.
2. Identify your differentiation points and go squash your competition with words – but back it up with truth and action.
3. Raise your standards of professionalism and raise your standards of excellence to be on par with Seven Gables or even higher if you can (tough feat).  Tip: You can’t do #2 without doing this first. So don’t just be a good copywriter.
4. Now go Re-brand your business with all that and be sure your competition hears you!

Here’s that link again:

ps: You don’t have to be stuffy or prim and proper or old school to be business professional. The most fun business can still have the highest of standards and exude excellence everywhere (ex: ViSalus, Apple). But some of the classic basics of Business 101 should be any entrepreneur’s handbook.

Don’t forget to take those 4 Action Steps I challenged you to do.

Reach out if you need any help with this! I’d love to help you take your business to explosive heights!  Share your comments and what you end up doing over on my FBFanpage.

Have a blast! Look forward to hearing your incredible results!

Jaxi 🙂