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Stop Categorizing – Life’s Messy

If you look at all the big name ‘life planning systems’, everyone has everything in neat little categories.

Ya know: health, fitness, friends, personal, career, financial, etc.

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Bigger Point: How effective is this?

You don’t live your day in categories. You live your day and everything gets meshed into one!

Think about it. It’s been like this forever, but even more so now with everyone having a smartphone ridiculously everywhere.

When you are focusing on your ‘personal’, you ARE focusing on your fitness, recreation, healthy eating, financial, friends, career, etc. because you are engaging in them all in a seemless, fluid momentum throughout each day. All those things encompass you and your actual every day life.

In other words: Your ‘personal’ IS everything you!

I would like to challenge all of you to reconsider how you approach 2014.

I’d like to challenge you to consider how you set your goals, plans, and how you think about you and your life.

Life’s messy – live it – and live it fully!

Living life fully means engaging in multiple things and focusing on multiple things simultaneously. Seriously, who doesn’t?

If you drive you do this all the time. When you drive, some are either listening to the radio via a personal development tape or music or you are talking to your partner or friend, enhancing your relationship and bonding more. How many categories is that?

So you are walking to work. You bump into a friend. What? You don’t talk to that friend because you are heading toward your ‘career’ category so this is off limits? Obviously you don’t do that – you don’t live your life this way, so why do you plan your life on paper/computer in categories?

Do you see how ridiculous this is?

My examples might be odd to you in how I am presenting this, but I am attempting to get you to see this differently. I am attempting to completely shift your mindset from every thing that is out there right now and what you have been probably hearing for years. That is not an easy task. So sometimes you need to make certain examples do that.

My point is, how you plan your life on paper (or on the computer) should be the way it is actually lived in your minute to minute life each day.

My hypothesis is: your brain would have better association with your goals and how you go about your life every day. Your brain would connect things better for you.

Therefore you might spot that opportunity or person or see that one word that makes all the difference in you achieving a goal or not, or achieving a goal faster or not.

I think this makes more logical sense and I’d bet it significantly improves goals being achieved. I’d even bet it would prevent people spending less time stressing that one category is being achieved fully but another is lacking… enter the good ‘ole Life Balance Wheel.

Another example many can relate to: Many people when they workout on cardio machines, are doing some business reading or personal development reading. So that covers 2 categories right there. It doesn’t mean you aren’t present in that moment, it just means you are living your REALISTIC life and optimizing your time.

I think a change of mindset in how you approach your short and long term goals and plans might be the healthiest way to go about it by meshing them all together, not categorizing everything and keeping them compartmentalized. One is realistic and one is ‘sounds great on paper’.

Again, my prediction is: If you stop categorizing and compartmentalizing your life when you are setting goals and plans, you really just might end up achieving your goals a lot faster – or actually achieving them to begin with!

I’d venture to say you might even have more fun pursuing your goals and desires because now you can just more naturally go about taking action on them, instead of thinking you are going to check off a box in a category on some Life Balance Worksheet.

Life’s messy. Plan it messy.

Test my hypothesis this upcoming year. Bet me on my prediction. I’m okay with being proven wrong. It might work, it might not. I have no idea.

But what I do know is: goal setting and planning comes down to about 5 fundamental things, and only these things:
1. you
2. your discipline level
3. your commitment level
4. your dedication level
5. your ability to take action

Things work when you put time and effort into them.

So I doubt you removing a ‘category’ from your goal setting system or you not compartmentalizing your life is going to prevent you from reaching any goal. In fact, that I can almost guarantee you.

So accept my challenge and change things up in 2014! Test it out for yourself. You will never know if it works or not unless you do. 😉 I have a feeling you will be quite happy with the results. 🙂

Let me know how this works for you, and if my hypothesis and predictions are right. I am looking forward to hearing from you. As always, please post your results, questions, and comments on my FB Fanpage. It’s the best place for me to see them and respond timely. Here’s the actual link to my Facebook page:

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