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How to squeeze FUN into your business

First post of the new year, so let’s talk about having FUN in your business!

Why not?

People always seem to save fun for last, or they mention it casually as the last line of something:

“don’t forget to have fun” ,  “don’t forget to celebrate” , or “go treat yourself to something”

Even I am guilty of that.

But I’d like to challenge you to make FUN 1st in your business this year.

Stick with me here – there are strategic benefits to doing this.

being creative

The You in Your Business
We all know the importance of being authentic and being you in your business…right?

But if you are being authentic and being you, that means you probably like to have fun and you have a bunch of interests outside your business.

Show the World Your Greatness!

So why not show others more of who you are?

Are you funny or witty?

If so, add that humor into your workproduct.

[workproduct = anything you produce. Videos, blogs, written content, advertising, marketing materials, graphics, podcasts, app you develop, software you develop, any program or package you put together, etc.]

Just because you are a leader or a business professional, doesn’t mean you always have to write and speak ‘professionally’. That’s old corporate america style.

You can still provide exceptional value and solid information by teaching it in a fun, jovial way, and still hold the respect of your audience.

For a good example, check out some of Ryan Hanley’s videos. There is a bit of humor interdispersed throughout the videos, and you can tell he has fun working (watch them until the very end).

But what you will also notice in Ryan’s videos is there is a ton of solid info in each one, and he still very much commands the attention of his audience, and holds the stature of a leader, by how he exudes confidence, and by him just being himself more.

Ryan is comfortable having fun and being witty, so by him including it in his workproduct, he is just being more naturally him. This just highlights his uniqueness even more, and helps him stand out amongst his competition. Once you see one of Ryan’s videos, he becomes memorable.

Strategy: Memorable is a huge key to success.

No doubt, Ryan squeezes fun into his business every day.

Or, if you aren’t witty, but like to have fun, build that fun into your business. Business doesn’t have to be serious all the time.

You could hold outrageous events, over the top bootcamps, do wild campaigns.

A good example of this is Brendon Burchard’s Life’s Golden Ticket event. Another ongoing great example is most of what Richard Branson does. That man enjoys having fun with his new business launches.

Most people aren’t ‘doing fun’ in their business. I’ll bet, if you incorporate this often or even every now and again in your business , you will absolutely stand out from others.

Keep in mind, one of the best ways to grab attention, or teach (and influence) is in an entertaining environment. You hold people’s attention spans longer, and people learn better this way because they are absorbed in the fun, at times forget they are learning. But this learning sticks because it’s associated with a good time or fun.

Strategy: Holding your audience’s attention for longer.  This is a huge challenge to all entrepreneurs and marketers. So, if you can do this, a huge Kudos to ya!

But the wit, the humor, having fun – it’s got to be authentic.

So if you aren’t any of the above, it’s perfectly fine. Lets move on to explore how else you could squeeze fun into your business, as fun doesn’t mean laughter all the time.

Do you have specific interests or hobbies or passions that you do outside of work?

If you are a true entrepreneur, I am sure you have a very large list of these! 😉 Most of us have an endless curiosity level, a never ending desire to challenge ourselves, an insatiable desire to read/learn, and an extremely short attention span 😉

So, why not let your audience know what your interests are, or what you like to do, by incorporating it into your business or workproduct?

Into photography?

Again, here I will use Ryan Hanley as an example. He incorporates his interest in photography into his business by having a page on his main website for it. He then makes a short post about each new shot. He has even created a project for 1 year, to make a post every day (thereby requiring him to take one new picture every day).

So he is practicing his interest daily, which is making him better at it, (so he is also advancing a personal goal, I presume), while also sharing it with his audience.

Gifted at art?

Kent Healy incorporates his art within his work. It’s part of his creative expression. It’s his website page background, it’s in his blogposts (his drawings are used to inspire the post, or visa versa). I am not sure if you can purchase his artwork, as he has it displayed on a separate page on his website, but that’s what I would do (add another revenue stream).

Do you sing?

Is there a prospect or client that lives near you or is local enough? Find a way to arrange surprising them and showing up as the singing telegram person to entice them to do business with you or to thank them for their loyalty.  Create the song and sing it to them. Leave a gift certificate with them to use in your business, so you are encouraging a sale as well 😉

I can go on with examples, but I think you get the point.

You are doing something you love and having fun doing it, so you are bringing fun into your business. Meanwhile, you are also letting your audience know more about you. The more they know of you, the more they are apt to like you and trust you.

Trust is what leads to more engagement. Your clients and prospects will share more with you, the more you reveal to them about who you are. The more you know about them, the better you can help them or serve them (R&D : Research & Development).

Strategy: Trust is what gets sales. Trust is what gets referrals. Trust is what builds superior businesses. Trust is the foundation for your success!

There is a strategic way to have FUN in your business and showcase YOU a lot more
As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why I want you to put FUN 1st in your business this year.

They are all genuine reasons and will help make your workdays a lot more fun, but there is a ton of strategy behind them all. I provided 3 specific strategic points, (see: “Strategy”) but there is obviously more within the context of this post.

How to Figure Out How to Do All This
The best way to get this started is to ask yourself this:

“What are you doing to incorporate some aspect of YOU more in your business?”

Remember, no one can duplicate you – so the more YOU you put into your business, the more you stand out from others.

It also shows you as a well rounded individual and displays the balance of fun in work, as everything you do is in a way a role model to others.

You can do one thing or you can do multiple things. You can do it all at once, or roll them out over a year or two. It doesn’t matter, just make sure you do something to squeeze the FUN into your business and showcase more of you!


This is for You
Even if you don’t think it’s relevant – what your hobby or interest is – or that people will care, don’t let that stop you. You aren’t doing this all for them, you are doing this for you just as much.

Creative expression is extraordinarily important and healthy. This is about you being happier and just being more you in your business. The more YOU you are, the more success you are likely to have.

Express your Creative Expression!
This is important.  So find the attribute about you or the interest/passion that you are comfortable sharing (or even uncomfortable sharing 😉 that can work within your business.

Figure out a way to express your creative expression in your business or workproduct like Ryan, Kent, Brendon, Richard Branson have done.

You might need to get ultra creative with this, but take this challenge on. I promise you you will be very happy you did.

After all, you work in your business for sooo many hours, you mine as well have fun doing it!

Make this year a Test Year and see how you like this.
If you like doing this,  just keep it forever as part of your business infastructure.

Maybe change it up some and next year, do a different thing to showcase/express another interest or passion. That will help keep your business fresh, and help consistently differentiate yourself from others. Plus it will help expand your network further.

If you don’t like expressing so much of yourself, or if you find this being more ‘hard work’ than enjoyable, just drop it and don’t do it again.

Don’t go into self critique mode or anything. Just be proud of yourself for taking on this challenge and being open enough to attempt something new. That makes you a doer, not a talker, and you still stand out from the masses 🙂

Either way, I encourage you to give this a go for at least 3 months – 1 year.
It might take a while for you to get comfortable with this. Or it might take you a while to determine what creative, or fun, or aspect of you, you will pull into your business.

For example, you might start doing something, and then decide you don’t like it and then get a better way to incorporate that specific creative in you, and tie it in with your workproduct or business style and you end up doing that instead.

A testing environment always includes:
– evaluation
– remaining flexible
– consistent action/discipline on the ‘new’
– courage to do something out of your comfort zone
– understanding that ‘new’ might be challenging at first, but it might get easier, once you get the hang of what you are attempting to mix
– giving yourself permission to stop instantly at any time
– being unattached to the results
– testing yourself, a personal challenge, realizing your potential more
– learning more about your STAKS: strengths, talents, abilities, knowledge, skills

So just have fun with this! (no pun intended) 😉

Alright, long read, I know. But I thought it would be better to provide various examples and cover possible questions so you would be good to go after you read this, and nothing would delay you.

Let me know your thoughts about this idea & strategy, or any ideas you have to expand on it. Let me know how this works for you & keep me posted on your progress. Just leave your comments below or head over to my facebook page and fill me in!

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ps: I will be doing this myself a lot more in 2014+, but right now, you can see how I lightly incorporate my passion for fitness/clean eating/raw food/healthy lifestyle, etc here: LeverageYourself

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