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The Best Day Planner! Get Yours Now!

If you are looking for a very different type of Day Planner – like something you have never seen before – then you should consider Grant Cardone’s 10XPlanner.

day planner

A Leather Day Planner

I just got one myself, even though in 2013, I vowed it was my last year getting a day planner.

I use to get a day planner each year because you were supposed to & it made you feel good – like you were going to start the new year ‘right’, ultra organized, & ‘ready’.

But I was never using it consistently. Mainly because I have a good memory, but also because the stuff I was writing down was the same stuff that could be written down on plain paper with a regular Bic pen, and heck with even more room on the lines than the space they give you in those day planners anyway!

Plus, day planners were bulky, expensive, and had so many features to them that I never used, when I just really needed a place to write. And so many of them were made with that material that legally required they put the cancer warning on them, I thought: is any of this even worth this?

So 2013 was the last year I bought a day planner. My new method of ‘day planning’ and ‘things to do’ was typing myself an email or using a sticky note or small notebook for goals, ideas or action items. It was a liberating and cost saving thing.

So 2014 I had no day planner and wasn’t buying one for 2015 either. I was sticking to my system cause it really worked for me 🙂

That was, until the other day, when I got Grant’s #10XPlanner for 2015. 🙂

7 reasons why I got the 10X Day Planner:

1. I took a look at this day planner, read why Grant created it, and I knew this self-made millionaire got it right in more ways than one!  It’s about what is on both pages and why his system works. (see #7 below)

2. It’s a very simple system – but it is powerful. Everything you need to help you achieve success, and nothing you don’t (no distractions, no extra ‘stuff’)

3. It’s surprisingly thin, but it’s got plenty of space to write – and write big 🙂

4. Grant created this day planner because he didn’t like any of the other ones. So the fact he finally decided to share with us what he has been using for a while, is pretty cool.

5. I have been following & learning from Grant since 2013 and bought a few of his books, including #10XRule. And the one thing I can vouch for: Grant isn’t the type of business owner that puts a product out just to make money.

He puts a product out because the info or experiences he knows, is something he wants to share with everyone so they can create success levels, like him. He started from nothing and reached success levels higher than he thought he ever would.

6. I got it about a week ago – taking advantage of Grant’s holiday sale – 50% off all his products. But now that I have it, I absolutely would have paid full price for this! I have paid a lot more for day planners than this.

7. And now that I have it: The one main reason I love it, is because it gets you to think about why you are doing everything. It kind of won’t let ya forget it 🙂  It’s so cool!!

I am excited to test it out, see how it goes for me in 2015! I have a feeling I will be buying these in bulk next time around 🙂 I’ll make an update to this post.

No matter what Day Planner you get or don’t get, it’s not the type of day planner or the cool new pen that makes your year great or makes your success (although I am totally into cool pens):)

It’s the ideas you have, the plans you make, and the dedicated action you take that is the ‘day planning’ that will lead to success.

Note: If you need some help on this part, get his 10XRule book. I promise you, you haven’t read a business book like this!

Tony Robbins says: “Success leaves clues”. Grant decided to share what he uses personally as his Day Planner to help him achieve success.

1. Go grab Grant’s 10XPlanner now! Get it while it is still 50% off!

2. Keep me posted about your success, or ask me questions about anything business or success on Twitter

Do this!

Make 2015 one of the best year’s you have ever had! Don’t just say this, make this happen! Amp up what you were going to do. Take a look at your goals and plans and cross out at least one thing and do it bigger/better. Or, just go for it and do everything bigger! 🙂 10X it all!

Have a great New Year!
Jaxi 🙂

ps: Don’t forget to get the 10X Rule book if you haven’t already. THIS will change how you do everything in your life and business!  Look at Grant and his life and success levels. This is how he lives and does business.

Disclaimer: The links provided are affiliate links, so I could make a commission if you purchase any of these products that I have myself.