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What You Are Really Hired To Do

Sort of like being an entrepreneur!! 🙂

” It’s about time someone said it.

Most job descriptions are a joke.

A tool for CYA … (covering your a@#) , a complete waste of time.

Regardless  of your talents, experience, and responsibilities, this
is why you are on the payroll and what you are REALLY hired to

surprise and delight
go the extra mile
exceed expectations
focus on solutions
elevate the conversation
challenge assumptions
inspire excellence
practice integrity
raise standards
contribute ideas
deliver results
meet deadlines
be accountable
take risks
ask challenging questions
set a good example
make everything count
solve problems
love your customers
persevere in spite of obstacles
fight for principle
showcase your art
demonstrate best practices
become brilliant on the basics
act with urgency
initiate ideas
honor your commitments
keep your promises
make good decisions
play to your strengths
learn from mistakes
fail forward
take pride in your performance
build a legacy

EVERYTHING else revolves around the technical components of your

In  today’s world, simply showing up, going through the motions,
and only doing what’s on your written job description is not
sufficient and completely unacceptable.”

Everything Counts!
Gary Ryan Blair

This was an email he sent in February 2013