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Basic Branding Tips

You have about 3-5 seconds to grab and hold someone’s attention.

Good branding is what helps you stand out and do that!

Branding is essentially about 2 things:

1. Consistency – Being consistent across all platforms & mediums. Being consistent in how you engage with your target audience & customers/clients

2. Perception – How others perceive you.

You can achieve branding in a variety of ways. I list some of the basics below to help you get started.

6 Basic Branding Tips

1. Color scheme   

Colors have a big impact on people, so really put some thought into this.

ex: Orange is uplifting & fun, where gold often represents sophistication or high end.

You can look up color psychology if you want to help you determine your color choice.

You have options of how you want to choose your colors:
– The color scheme you choose could reflect a bit of you, if you are the owner of the company.
ex: If you are really outgoing, use bolder colors or brighter colors

– Or your color scheme could be based around how you want people to feel when they are on your website or using your product /service.  This is very effective.
excited or calm , etc.

2. Name

Use a catchy name or descriptive name

You want your name to be easy to say and spell. The easier it is, the better. 

You want people to easily remember you. 

You also want people to be able to easily say/spell your name, so they can refer you more often.

Tip: When registering your domain, think of the possible misspells of your domain and create redirects for those

*Make sure you can get all the social media names & domain name before you solidify it all!

If you can’t get every social media name exactly the same, make sure at least 2 social media names are the same as the main part of your domain. 

3. Taglines

If it’s a catchy name, use a short tagline to describe/state what your company is about

You can still use a tagline if you have a descriptive name.

Good taglines usually let the user know what you will help them do, and also the end result they will get if they use their company or go with their organization.

ex: When I had my life coaching company, Improve Your Life, Inc. my tagline was:
Power Your Potential / Live The Results

If you are using your own name for your company name, then provide a short description of what you do, or state 2-3 words stating what topics you will focus on, or what you stand for, or a combination of both.
ex: Integrity |Success |Empowerment

Tip: Start looking at people’s taglines in your industry and even outside your industry, to get ideas of what you can do with this.

4. Logo

Do NOT  skimp on this!

A good logo is absolutely worth the money!

I created most of mine, but Chris of did an excellent job of polishing it off.

He also did the logo for another business I had, Building Lucrative Connections. For this logo, since I often referred to my company as BLC, my logo was just these initials.  We used 2 sophisticated colors and a classy font style to match my target audience (I connected investors to privy investment opportunities in a variety of industries).

I highly recommend Chris, (if you use him, mention my name), but he might be a bit more than you can afford right now.

You can always use or any of the online freelancing sites to find someone to create your logo for you.

Logo’s don’t have to be elaborate to be good. And again, you don’t have to get an image.

Many just use their company name or company initials or personal name or initials. This is becoming increasingly popular. Just  using a certain font style or colors in the letters (ex: google)

5. Interaction with Others
Part of your branding is how you interact with others.

This is the part of ‘you’ that comes across in the branding.

Interaction with others includes:
– How you write, how you do videos/how you present, how you speak in front of large groups, etc.
– How you interact with your colleagues, peers, target audience, customers/clients

ex: Some will incorporate a bit of humor in their videos. It’s showing a part of who they are, and it’s branding them within their own company.

ex: If you are more of a professional style writer vs a casual writer, it’s part of your branding. So

6. Your Competition

Part of your branding can be doing the opposite of what your competition does.

So see what they are doing and if you can find something strong to brand yourself with that is different than them, then incorporate that as well, or just build your brand around that.

Ex: You could call yourself ‘The NonGuru’ – if you think the word Guru is stupid and are tired of people using it, like I am.

7. Bonus Tip – Matching/Cohesive
With everything branding, it all has to match.

That is, it has to seem cohesive, or logical or pulled together.

For example, you aren’t going to want to use a caricature style logo if you write like you have a masters degree.

Just the same, you should be more apt to use casual language in videos and written items if your target audience is sports teams.

Tip:  Write for your audience, not in the style of writing you might normally write in. If it happens to be the same, great. But if you write more like you have a higher education and your company helps youths, you need to write on their level so they can understand what you are saying and it shows you relate to them.

Evaluate Your Branding

When determining your branding, just keep evaluating what you decide and ask yourself:
‘What doesn’t fit?’

Or, pretend you are your target audience and look at your stuff. Ask yourself:
‘Is there anything they would find odd about what I have done to brand my image – in terms of it matching styles and themes?’

Don’t rush this. Realize it might take a few times to get it right. That is what re-branding is for 🙂

Some people think you should never rebrand.  I think this is ridiculous. It is ridiculous to be so rigid in thinking as an entrepreneur.

You have got to love your brand. It is part of the confidence & excitement you have every day putting yourself out there and marketing yourself.

Additionally if your branding isn’t resonating with your target market, there is no point in keeping it just for the sake of keeping it. It’s doing you more harm than good.

Making smart new (big) decisions that really shift you or your business in a positive direction – being nimble, being agile and willing to change – is they one of the keys to success in business and life.

Tip: If you do rebrand – make a big deal of it! You want to massively showcase your ‘new’. So do a big marketing campaign telling people you are ‘re-launching’! 🙂

The basics of branding can be distilled down to 2 things:

1. Consistency
2. Perception

You should be as consistent as you can be across all platforms.

And, you should be consistent, to some extent, in the ways you interact with your leads, prospects and customers/clients.

Overall, this is really just about consistency in your outreach/marketing/engagement

If you put the time and care in determining your brand, and you stay consistent in branding you and your company (this never stops, it is every day) the perception others will have should be a positive one!

Rule to remember: You have 3-5 seconds to grab and potentially hold someone’s attention.

Let your branding help you do that!

Jaxi 🙂
ps: If you keep the 3-5 second rule in mind when considering your branding, and more importantly, in everything you do each day in your business, it will be very beneficial!

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