All Authors Should Do This

Recently, @RyanDeiss began offering his new book at 50% off. This is cheaper than the Amazon listing price.

This is smart! I think all authors should do this.

Ryan did this so you can get the book directly through him.

Why would he care where people buy the book?

Because when you get the book from him, you will need to provide their shipping info, and more importantly, their email.

So now they get on his list!

If you buy it on Amazon, he doesn’t get the chance of you getting on his list during this purchase time. 

The last part of that sentence is the critical point here:

This is actually the most perfect time for Ryan to get you on his list, vs you possibly seeing any one of his ads on the internet at some time.


Because you are already buying something from him!

He’s getting a customer and building his list – one of the best types of lists to build!

This isn’t just ‘anyone’ getting on his list. This is now his best target market getting on his list!

Best target market: already knows Ryan, already likes or trust Ryan enough to buy his stuff, you have the money to buy it because you are making an active purchase right then, and you are obviously willing to spend your money (people can have the money but not be willing to spend it)

Ryan doesn’t loose any money by offering the book 50% off.  You getting on his list is way more valuable than the few dollars he might have made in profit if you bought the book at regular price on Amazon.

And, if Ryan was smart , he would have factored in this scenario and factored in the 1st round of ‘giving it away for free’ scenario, and he would have priced the book accordingly, so that he could still make some tiny amount of profit, doing either one of these scenarios. {Note: he’d have to self publish the book to dictate pricing}

All authors should implement this strategy: buying the book directly through them. They just need to think of creative incentive’s of why people should do this (discount the book, include a bonus, include a highlighter, sign the books, etc) vs buying on Amazon, etc.

Keep the customer a customer by getting them to buy directly through you, so you can get them on your list, provide ongoing value, and promote other items to them over time.

Even if they never buy from you again. Even if they unsubscribe from your list. You at least had that one chance of engaging with them or keeping them as a customer, than had you never even known they purchased the item because they bought it through Amazon.

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