How To Make Decisions Quicker

I learned this from real estate millionaire @MarkoRubel in December 2013.

Nothing profound. Very simple points. Logical to some extent. But he’s so right!

“Be Decisive. Make Decisions Quicker.”

“Every indecision is stopping you from progress.

You have all the information you most likely need.

Just decide so you can move forward from there.

It is better to make a decision and free up your mental energy, than to not decide and stay stuck on that topic.

Every decision is a commitment, but not committing is doing nothing.

You can’t be successful or move forward in your life if you are not deciding on something one way or another.

Successful people are decisive.

Evaluate your decisions off your goals:  is it moving you closer to or further away from your goal(s)?


You won’t always be right, but it’s better to get in the practice of deciding quicker and make this a part of the disciplined actions you take daily.”

– Marko Rubel, 2013 CEO of


You can do both of these or one of these. Your choice. I personally think you should do both 🙂

– Pick one thing you have not made a decision on yet that has been holding up your life or business in some way, and just make some kind of decision on it before the end of the day or week.  Promise yourself you will do this.

Pick one thing that you could easily decide on before the end of the day and make that decision. Big or small. The point is for you to get into the habit of immediately or almost immediately making decisions as soon as you need to – as they come up in your business/life.

Jaxi 🙂

Remember: ‘Successful people are decisive”

So practice being decisive often. Make this a part of who you are. Make this another attribute to your success.

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