Make Every Month a Holiday

Seasons Greetings

There are some great business tips you can pick up on from the activity around the holiday season.

The holiday season promotes a time of a variety of things that don’t ordinarily take place every day.

Such as:

1. It’s a time when people make things look great in their home with decorations

2. It’s a time when people take the time to be with others and really be present in that time with them

3. It’s a time when people take the extra time to say thank you or send gifts

4. It’s a time when businesses offer special discounts to move inventory to make room for new and to encourage more shopping in their stores

So I challenge you to make 2014 the year that you make every month a holiday in how you showcase and run your business.

So in following the number points above:

1. Why not ‘pretty up’ your marketing material or even yourself?

Make changes to your website or newsletter or logo or even yourself. Spruce it up some, streamline it, light it up. Just change it up so it looks different than it normally looks every other year. Get a new style for yourself. Create a new image online.  You get the idea.

2. Every week, or even every day, make an extra effort to find 1 prospect or a customer you haven’t touched base with in a while and see how they are doing in general.

Strike up light convo, nothing business related. See if there is any other way to help them (offer to make a connection, etc).  Going the extra mile for the people that are expressing interest in your company or are already loyal to your company goes a long way.  So either email them or find them on social media and say hello.

3. Pick a few prospects or customers each month and contact them to thank them for their business or interest. That is all, simple.

If you have a great customer, consider sending them a small gift card. This could be your gift back to them for trusting you enough to give you the business.

If they are a prospect, send them a discount coupon or give them something for free that you aren’t giving to everyone else so they can get more of an example of your expertise, your ideas, your work product.

Do this to add value, not for the sake of closing a sale, but as a way of assuring them you aren’t only interested in their money, you are interested in really helping them with what you do.

If it amounts to a sale, great. If it doesn’t, the gesture will be remembered and they might talk about you to their network anyway and you might get referral business from that.

But the goal is simply to provide value as your ‘thank you or gift’ to them for them being even interested in considering your product or service or following you.

4. Once a month, or once a quarter, offer discounts.  Even if it is just a 48 hour timeframe – do this. This is a good differentiation strategy. Don’t be like everyone else and only do this on the holidays or around then, do this consistently in your business.

It’s a good way to boost sales and even with a discount, you will still make more money than if you didn’t do this and made no sales those 2 days (or however long you run that discount). Just remember to make the discount ridiculously generous so it’s worth them to buy right away.

This is also a great catalyst for you to create a new product or service for the new year and move some of your previous material you haven’t made a sale on in a while (move your inventory).

You can also take some previous material and update it and create a new product/service from it and offer that as the special discount. So many things change with running a business and marketing, I am sure not all your stuff is evergreen products/services.

Get creative to determine what will be best for each individual you reach out to. And, always keep the pillars of
1. providing value
2. just being authentically you

in the forefront of anything you do regarding these tips to keep the holiday spirit alive in your business all year long.

I promise you, it will make a very significant difference in your business in more ways than one.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Jaxi 🙂

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