The Money Is Not In The List

Almost every online entrepreneur or online marketer has been taught or heard: ‘the money is in the list’ from various ‘experts’. Myself included.

While to some degree, it is true, this statement standing alone is not accurate.

The Money Is Not In The List

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I recently learned from Frank Kern, a different perspective about this. And I am so glad I did!

I just love it when someone challenges the industry and what everyone has been saying for years. Don’t you?

In fact, Frank actually disagrees completely with that statement!!

Frank has a much more accurate statement in terms of being able to generate money from your list.

“The money is not in the list, the money is in your relationship with that list.” – Frank Kern

That small distinction is Huge!

That small distinction is what will make it worth you spending the money (advertising) or time to build that list so that it can be a profitable asset for you.

That is also why Frank is always saying you can even make a lot of money off a very small list! You don’t need a huge list.

But even Frank’s statement can’t stand alone without the important element that makes the relationship exist.

That’s also why Frank (and so many others online) often mention about constantly providing great value to your list.

Why Is Giving Away Info For Free So Important?

Providing value is what creates the relationship. It even solidifies the relationship faster.

Providing value establishes authority and trust.

Authority and trust are the two important elements you need for people to be more apt to buy from you.

And, when you provide value, you have the platform from which you can talk about what you know and/or love. So you keep the relationship fresh and strong.

Providing value is absolutely crucial to the success equation of you earning money consistently from your target audience/your list.

So, don’t just build a list. Build a list that you are proud of. A list that is exceptional!

An exceptional list – where your subscribers want to hear from you, possibly even look forward to hearing from you, and where you really enjoy sharing with them, or teaching them things to help them.

That is a strong relationship that will serve you very well, when you do occasionally ask them to buy something.

Remember: “The money is in the relationship with your list” – Frank Kern


1. If you have a list: decide if you would want to hear from you.
Things to think about:
– Where can you up the standard level of the value you provide?
– Where can you WOW your subscribers? All the time or every now and again.
– Where could you be more cool?
– Where could you showcase more authority without being a jerk?
– How can you help them more?
– When was the last time you surveyed them to see what they really needed help with? Even if you can’t provide it, they will love you if you can recommend someone or something that can. Their loyalty will stay with you so long as you do them right.

Start thinking this way & you will build a stronger list, even if your list is already really strong. 🙂

2. If you don’t have a list: use all this info as guidance to help you establish your list the right way the first time around. Even take the suggestions from the Action point above and start thinking this way so you start your relationship with your list powerfully.

3. Revise your opt in page lead magnet. This is someone’s first impression of you, so you might want to establish the relationship super strong the second they join your list. 😉
Things to consider:
– Make your lead magnet more dynamite
– Change up the format they get it in. If you are offering a pdf, then make a video and teach it (speak it) and offer the pdf download link underneath the video.
– etc.

Just take a look at this part of your business and think about what you could improve or do better to establish a super relationship right from the second they subscribe.

Tip: It’s been said more often than once from top experts like: @FrankKern , @BrendonBurchard , etc. that if you email your list once a week, it’s much better off than 2x a month or 1x a month. Its a good balance. It’s not too much, but it keeps you top of mind.

But do what is right for your audience.

Frank only emails his list when he has something he really wants to share/talk about, or has something really great to promote to his list that he knows will really help them. His list knows that, so when they do hear from him, the open his emails all the time.

So tweak this to your personal preference and your audience. ex: If you don’t like writing, then keep it to 2x a month or once a month and you will still be fine.

Remember, it’s not how many emails you send, its the quality in the emails that matter.

Alright, enough learning. Start doing. 🙂 Go build an exceptional list!

Jaxi 🙂

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